Thursday 13 February 2014

Open-source EEG platform from Kickstarer

Joel Murphy and Conor Russomanno have proposed a brain interfacing, OpenBCI, a versatile, affordable, Arduino-compatible brainwaves reader.

This hardware have on board a Texas Instrument’s ADS1299 IC with 8-Channel, 24-Bit Analog Front-End for Biopotential Measurements ADC and electroencephalography (EEG) platform that gives anyone with a computer access a raw EEG data report. The difference of this technology it's the open source enviroment, a plus to advance the field of brain science through collaborative hardware and software development.

Its potential is to enable everyone to build a portable EEG devices that can record brain activity in real-world environments to give concretely access to a new sector of mobile products.

With a little more than a month of campaign on Kickstarter, OpenBCI has already
achieved the goal of $100,000. If you want to support this project, jump up

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