Tuesday 6 May 2014

XMC 2Go Board: Unboxing.. by C/D

Finally it's arrived!

Almost quietly, the package seemed empty, but it's arrived in my letterbox.

Thanks to Infineon for support in advance, from now on we think our communication will grow.

Less than finger, the board is very small, only 3.9Cm x 1.95Cm. The package, box apart as showed in shots, it doesn't contain other stuff. Easy!

This evaluation board, however small it may be, it presents these key features:
Processor XMC1100 microcontroller (ARM® Cortex™-M0 based)
Flash 64 kB
RAM 16 kB
Clock Generation Internal Oscillator
Frequencies 32 MHz CPU clock, 64 MHz Timer clock
Power Supply- from USB via Debug probe (J-Link) or
- 3.3V external power
ConnectorsTwo 8-pin header (pin pitch: 2.54 mm ≙ 0.1” / between rows: 10.16 mm ≙ 0.4”)
Debugger- On-Board J-Link Debugger supports
- Serial Wire Debug (SWD, ARM Standard)
- Single Pin Debug (SPD)
- UART-to-USB bridge (virtual COM)
PeripheralsMapped to pin header X1/X2:
- 2 Channel USIC (UART, SPI, I2C, I2S, LIN)
- 6 Channel Analog to Digital Converter (12-Bit resolution)
- 4 x 16-Bit Timer
- External Interrupts (via ERU)
- Real Time Clock
- Random Number Generator
Others2 User LEDs @ P1.0 and P1.1
It seems very interesting! It's all for the unboxing, we look forward to get our hands on it.

Take a look to the last two pictures and... see you soon to the project!

XMC 2Go Manual

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