Thursday 7 August 2014

PSoC4 Audio Spectrum Analyzer

On EETimes it was published an interesting example to emulate a MSGEQ7 with PSoC4.
The program, that can be emulated over processor 41xx and 42xx, provides seven band-pass filters and peak detectors from 63 Hz to 16000 Hz.

"This implementation just uses one SAR ADC and the whole filter runs through a single interrupt routine. That being said, you need seven PWMs to drive the LEDs -- I basically use four fixed-function PWMs and the other three are implemented using UDBs (Universal Digital Blocks)."
"Sree says we still have about 50-55% of the processing power free."
You can find all about the code for this project on the article published from Max Maxfield.

Via EETimes .

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