Tuesday 4 July 2017

Patreon is coming... the countdown is started!

150 patrons can make a big deal for their 3D printer!
7% of discount on an expense of 150 USD, in our favorite Chinese store, in which you can purchase the Alunar R100 printer (or whatever you want...).

Stay tuned!

Dear readers of Creativity/Design.

You can reach our patreon to the link: https://www.patreon.com/creativityslashdesign/ .

Open the page to fund our campaign.
Thanks so much for your support!
The Patreon is coming!


  1. Parabéns excelente projeto!!!

    1. Hi Edye, I'm so happy you appreciate my project. I apologise for delay, but I have no time in this period to continue the project, because I'm spending my spare time in another project in developing. I hope you can appreciate even the new one. I will came back on this project asap. Share the link of my blog to support it. Thx


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