Monday 6 May 2019

First World FIMI X8 SE Gimbal Protector by C/D

The FIMI X8 SE (by Xiaomi) is a gorgeous drone that will be a must for every video maker in the next months, but... how much fragile is the gimbal? Where I can buy a protector for my drone?
No problem, we think about it...

The file is on CGTrader... click here
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The big problem with this wonderful drone is the absence of a commercial gimbal protector.

Everybody (until now) failed to create a full working gimbal protector for the FIMI X8 SE and it's quite understandable. It's pretty complicated to measure the dimensions of all the pieces that compose the gimbal, that's because every piece is delicate and the spaces are reduced.

We made 32 prototypes before to be able to achieve the target with successful, a full working case. This protector was made to be mounted in place by pushing the two buttons on the left/right side at the same time.

The connection with the drone is performed through a couple of clips properly designed to allow a fast and simple connection with the two plastic pins on the gimbal base.

On the back side, the protector locks in place the rotation along with the Z axis of the gimbal, as well as the X and Y rotation axis are locked by the walls of the case.
In this simple way, every part of the gimbal can be protected for transportation and the dimensions are quite close to the lens to get it free moving.

The wall thickness was properly calculated to allow a simple and effective mount of protector in place without a problem and with the right flexibility coefficient both for PLA and PETG, enough to print with this material without destroying the model for a long time.

The most complicated part to reach it was to build a design with all these characteristics and without undercuts, but after some mathematical calculations we reach a good tread-off, so the model can be printed without support as you want.

That's all, you can support our work by visit the links below.
Stay tuned!

The file is on CGTrader... click here
MyMiniFactory... (not allowed)

PS There is an issue on MyMiniFactory at this moment.
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  1. Bel prodotto ben fatto i miei complimenti!

  2. Grazie mille, cercherò di supportare il più possibile chi ha acquistato. Un esempio, sto creando una mail list di tutti gli acquirenti per mandare gli aggiornamenti del prodotto non appena saranno stabili e testati. Vi piace l'idea?

  3. Thanks, I want to support as well as possible all the buyers. I'd like to make a mail list for all the buyers, to send the product updates once they are stable and tested. Do you like it?

  4. molto interessante, complimenti per la progettazione del cover.

  5. Ragazzi, per discutere meglio dell'evoluzione del progetto\i stavo pensando ad una pagina Facebook, vi sembra una buona idea?


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