Monday 25 November 2013

How to make a lovely Clear Whiteboard

Do you like to use diagrams illustrations and much more, but to face on camera? You should build a crystal clear whiteboard as Michael Peshkin.

His solution (an Open Source HW) was to develop a clear whiteboard that improves the experience of draftsman with a little trick in realtime with no post-production. Simply he flip the video in reproduction classroom time and the trick puts every writing hand on his face.

Moreover, to make a recording more clear, he use a 4x8 foot panel of architectural glass, lit internally from the upper and lower edges by bright white LEDs. This allow him to draw with fluorescent dry-erase markers on the glass, wherein the light travels to all parts by total internal reflection (TIR) and make glowing every sign for a more clear contrast.

The result it's very nice, you can watching it further down.

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