Saturday 26 April 2014

MK802IV Unboxing by C/D... Does it will be the core of a future project?

Oh yeah… also we purchased the famous Android dongle MK802IV of Rikomagic, but don't for what you may think about!

Everybody knows this dongle (or every geek) produced from Rikomagic with RK3188 processor built-in, but in this version we can find more than first release.

First of all the new WiFi chip AP6210 that makes this dongle compatible with most of Linux distributions (Ubuntu, OpenSuse, etc), then 16Gb of ROM (more space more satisfaction for applications and much more), after the kernel 3.0.36+ for bug fixing and the very best device support. Concerning this I report this article of Hwswbits where you can find more information about the kernel  and the support for 1080p monitors; as you can read this kernel add Mali 3D HW acceleration support, but everyone can compile the kernel source to add different modules (the references on article).

I still don't know because the inside CPU clock it was fixed to 1.4Ghz; I mean that it can work properly to 1.6Ghz and more, but I think it was underclocked for heat reasons and better dissipation (if you have more info about please comment below).

Now we arrive to present the reasons of purchase. This dongle will be our core in a future project (no name right now) of integrated pc with a dual-boot for both Android and Linux. We've recovered some stuff from ebay to drive an LVDS display and now we’ve started the tests of our device. Early results are encouraging!

Some anticipations...
The Rikomagic dongle is proving to be more stable than many other google devices that we have been tried and we were also able to start a call with an external soundcard via USB.

At the moment we leave you to the unboxing, we shall meet again for future updates.

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